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i'm jackie

                               a lifestyle blogger, content creator and social media freelancer. I started a blog back in 2017 just for fun, which eventually led me to share my vulnerability with those who choose to stay and learn.  While social media gets a lot of backlash - with reason - I have to say that it has opened so many new doors for me; which I am eternally grateful for.   

          I offer services that benefit you in the digital world! With my experience in social media, and my marketing education from Fairfield University, I am ready to help you achieve your goals. For more information, check out my services page. 

          A recent 200 hour yoga teacher graduate, I am offering virtual yoga classes while the world navigates through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

          Enough about me, I want to hear your story; I want to hear from YOU! I love meeting new people and making connections, so don't be shy -- send me an email and tell me about yourself: what do you do? What made you stop by? How can I help you? Tell me what you're looking for!

          I can't wait -- email me here: imthatblueeyedblonde@gmail.com.




the story

      Ever since I can remember, photography has fascinated me beyond words. Whether it be looking through photographs of relatives from the 1900s, trying new methods and experimenting with the settings, or editing, it has always been something that brings joy to my life. 

     I wouldn't have had the passion that I do now, if it weren't for my grandfather, who also enjoys photography. To this day, we still bond over all things camera & photography. And as a thank you to him, for his years of continuing listening and conversing about the topic, I dedicated my high school photography project to him. 

     The purpose of the project was to combine, in some way, an old photograph (from a grandparent, ancestor, great grandparent, etc.) with a new one. So, I took a self portrait holding one of my school pictures. I then scanned a baby picture of my grandfather and replaced my school picture with his baby picture.... and here's the final product. Simple yet full of meaning.