Things I've Learned in a Year

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

It's been a while since I've updated anything here - and fortunately, it's for good reason. Let me start off by saying thank you for being here. Over the past 10 months, my world has changed in so many ways - all of which I am so incredibly thankful for. I promise to be vulnerable with you, so here it goes.

I thought that I needed to be in a relationship to be happy. I was wrong. That was the first thing I learned - and the most important one, too. It wasn't until after parting ways with a toxic relationship, that I learned the importance of being happy on my own. For the first time in a long time, I can confidently say to you in complete and utter honesty, that I have never been happier with who I am and where I am in my life. I learned that it's OKAY to let things go that are no longer serving you what you need on your plate - and those who really love you, are going to support you in every way possible along the way. (Y.K.W.Y.A.) *This applies to ALL relationships in life!

I've realized (even more so than before) that there isn't anything much better than coming home to a clean, de-cluttered space. Take it for granted. Make your bed every morning, put your dishes away, vacuum your floors, and put things back where they belong. I'm telling you - walking in the door after work and not seeing dishes laying around is a breath of crisp, fresh air. When you take care of your living space, you take care of yourself, too.

Journaling. I've tried for years to get into journaling, and I never stuck with it for more than a month. I am happy to report that I am now on a 7-month streak of journaling every night before I go to bed. It's great therapy and it's so helpful to get all your thoughts out - especially when you're having a bad day. It doesn't have to be an essay each night - or even fill an entire page - just enough to reflect on how you feel, what you struggled with, what you accomplished, what you're working on, etc.

Reaching out. I never thought I'd say this - yet, here I am. In the past couple of months, I have made so many new connections and experienced so many new things - all of which happened because I made the initiative to reach out. (Yes, Mom... I can hear you saying, "Imagine that!" - you were right, and here it is in writing.) I've figured out that most of the time, people are waiting for you to reach out, too. We all want to be the one who gets the invite text - but remember, the feeling of being wanted goes both ways. Reach out to those friends you haven't talked to in a while and check in - especially now when everyone seems to be quarantined due to COVID-19.

For everyone:

- Trying new things often comes with incredible outcomes

- Rest days are important for your mental health too

- Call your family

- Fresh air is, literally, one of the greatest things earth offers

- Water is good for you - and you probably don't drink enough of it (yes, I know... I'm working on it!)

- Tell the people you love how important they are to you

Reach out, reflect, get outside, journal, connect. Most importantly: BE.

thanks for reading!



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