Things You Can Do To Help People With Anxiety

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Anxiety is an interesting concept - it's hard to explain exactly what you're feeling - especially when not everyone experiences it in the same way. What helps one person may not be helpful to someone else and vice versa. Some people prefer to be left alone while others like the distraction from a friend to help them calm down. Everyone is different and that's O K A Y . Don't be ashamed of your anxiety, but rather, make the most of it.

Here are some tips (that I find helpful) for helping people deal with anxiety:

1. Remind them that everything will be okay; comfort and encourage them - yeah, it might get kind of annoying, but it's important for them to know that you're there.

2. Share your life with them - keep them up to date and in the loop; it helps ease the worrying mind.

3. You know those people that ask you to text them when you get home so they know you got there safely? Be that person.

4. Try and identify what triggers them - maybe it's too much caffeine, maybe it's lack of food, lack of sleep, maybe their anxiety worsens when they have to go to a social event. For some people it's dealing with conflict, or managing stress from a conflict - whatever it may be, learn to identify what sparks that anxiety and work together to figure out a


5. Encourage them to get some exercise - fresh air is a beautiful thing and a 10 minute walk works wonders.

6. Try to encourage them to focus their energy on something else - maybe through breathing, or imagining themselves somewhere peaceful like on the beach, you could even try playing a game that requires their undivided attention.

7. Talk to them (when they aren't anxious) and ask them what they want you to do when they're having an anxiety attack - that way you'll know exactly what you can do to help in the future without making the situation harder on anyone.

What have you tried when helping people with anxiety? Was it helpful? Share those methods with me! I'm always eager to learn new techniques.

Anxiety does not define you; it builds you.


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