Why I Don't Follow My Horoscope

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

According to StatisticBrain.com, only 33% of Americans believe in Astrology - I consider myself part of that 67%. Why? Well, for starters, when you Google "astrology" over 2 MILLION websites are shown - which one is "real"? the one we like best? The one we want to believe? Additionally, StatisticBrain.com states that there are only 4 different personality types in the zodiac; which I think is some BS. However, this information was taken from one of the 2 million websites on astrology, so who knows if this data is accurate. (see what I did there?? There's not one true website for this kind of stuff.)

An article written on Buzzfeed.com talks about the 5 ways your zodiac sign impacts your life. Here's what it said: 1) Your college major 2) How often you get laid (seriously?) 3) How much you make 4) How likely you are to get a divorce and 5) How many kids you'll have

My best friend and I are the same sign, and are very different from each other -- all 5 of these reasons don't line up to either one of our lives. Makes me wonder what sign the people who write these articles are... maybe they're biased? ;)

Horoscope.com is a common website for reading signs, and after reading mine from both yesterday and today, I can tell you that it didn't relate to me at all. One thing I've always thought about is the fact that I was a C-Section baby - so the day I was born was chosen rather than occurring naturally - which would've made me a different sign. I am the last day of Capricorn -- meaning I'm on the cusp of another sign (the sign I would've been - had I not been a C-Section baby). As a Capricorn (born Jan 19), sometimes I wonder if I relate better to an Aquarius; but, if that's the case, then what's my TRUE sign? Which do I follow? What if I relate equally to both Capricorn and Aquarius?

AstroStyle.com analyzes each zodiac sign and it's love compatibility - another load of bullshit, in my opinion (you don't have to agree). But do you really think the alignment of the stars has anything to do with someone you fall in love with? What if you just love them for who they are and it has nothing to do with your zodiac sign? I don't think that I relate to my sign (Capricorn) -- so how could a Libra be compatible with me if I don't resonate with being a Capricorn but a Virgo, or a Cancer, or a Leo? Maybe my rationale isn't making sense to you, but it makes sense to me, and I am curious to see what other people think after reading this.

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